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Free A Chromium-based web browser with a lot of additional features
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Just like Chrome, Cent Browser is a Chromium-based web browser with a lot of additional features. If you are familiar with Google Chrome, you soon notice that the developers of Cent Browser opted for not changing too much of its appearance. Therefore, there is practically nothing new to learn about basic operations.

However, there are a number of features that differentiate Cent Browser from its siblings, such as Yandex, Opera and Slimjet. Let us begin by saying that it has a tab bar that you can scroll using the mouse wheel. Moreover, if you do not like your tabs to be shrunk to a point in which you cannot read their headings, you can always set their minimum width and prevent that from happening. It is also possible to customize the way new tabs are opened and pinned.

In order to make your surfing experience easier, this browser probably supports more mouse gestures than any other similar application. This way, you can browse back and forward, toggle to full screen, reload a page, etc.

If you do not use a very powerful computer, your browser may sometimes hoard all resources and make all other processes painfully slow. To avoid this, you can tell Cent Browser to use a single render process. Besides, the program optimizes available memory automatically.

All in all, the features mentioned are just but a few because the program also has practically all the options and tweaks present in other Chromium-based browsers, which can be expanded using extensions. When tested, the application was very efficient. However, I did not feel any real difference in speed compared to other similar software. Besides, as it usually happens with other browsers derived from Chromium, it may take some time for its developers to come up with a new version that uses the latest source code. Finally, as it is freeware, there is nothing to lose about giving it a try, fortunately, you do not even need to install it as there is a portable version available.

PC Senior editor
Pedro Castro
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  • Fast and stable
  • Full of extra features
  • Clean interface
  • An optional single rendering process to minimize negative impact on system resources
  • Scrollable task bar
  • Customizable tabs
  • Lots of mouse gestures supported
  • Automatic memory optimization
  • Portable version


  • No difference in rendering speed detected
  • A new version using the latest Chromium source code may take some time to be released

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rating Ragnarr
Great chromium browser

May 29, 2023 Was it helpful?  yes(1) no(1) | Reply
rating vanlongpham
Great chromium browser that separates itself from being just a chrome clone with "security" BS.
First of all, we all have our favorites addons, and the first addon is an adblocker. Most of the other browsers just bundle an adblocker and call it "security", which it is nice, but their adblocker is, at most, basic. No where near something like Ublock or uMatrix.

Atleast this one focused on options, most importantly for me, ability to control WebRTC, HTML5, directdraw etc etc. And comes with nice options to configure the visuals and mouse controls.

And lastly, it gets updated moderately fast and has the flash player also on autoupdate.

Was it helpful?  yes(3) no(3) | Reply

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